most influential people in the world

Maria Bashir Prosecutor General

Most Influential People in the World

Most Influential People in the World
Maria Bashir Prosecutor General
As hard as being prosecutor general can be, doing it in Afghanistan where the rule of law is borderline non-existent is much worse than that. Maria, however, in spite of being the only female prosecutor general in the country, refuses to bow to the death threats and corrupt law enforcement but rather presses on in her fight for justice in Afghanistan.

Reed Hastings Netflix CEO
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State
Peter Vesterbacka Game Developer
Takeshi Kanno Doctor
Larry Page Search Giant
El General Tunisian Rapper
Lamido Sanusi Central Banker
Julian Assange Muckraker
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder
Barack Obama World Leader
Kathi Giusti Research Advocate
Ayman Mohyeldin Cairo Correspondent
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