most extraordinary churches of the world

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Most Extraordinary Churches Of The World

Some are amazing and glorify God. Some are just plain wacky. All are interesting.
21. Cathedral of Brasilia Brasilia Brazil
This is a very famous Cathedral of Bras ?lia designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Panda finds It modern but somehow childish. These columns, having hyperbolic section and weighing 90 t, represent two hands moving upwards to heaven. The construction was finished in 1970.
22. St Michaels Golden Domed Monastery Kiev Ukraine
St. Michael s Golden Domed Monastery is a functioning monastery in Kiev, Ukraine. The monastery is located on the Western side of the Dnieper River on the edge of a bluff northeast of the St. Sophia Cathedral. The site is located in the historic and administrative Uppertown and overlooks the city s historical commercial and merchant quarter, the Podil neighbourhood. Originally built in the Middle Ages by Sviatopolk II Iziaslavych, the monastery comprises the Cathedral itself (Mykhaylivs kyi zolotoverkhyi sobor), the refectory of St. John the Divine, built in 1713, the Economic Gates (Ekonomichna vrata), constructed in 1760 and the monastery s bell tower, which was added circa 1716
23. Church in a Hill Luxembourg
This church is built into the hillside on which it perches. One of the reasons the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has survived as an independent state for a thousand years against such powerful neighbors as Germany and France, is that the area is eminently fortifiable.
24. San Francisco de Asis Church Ranchos de Taos New Mexico
San Francisco de Asis Church is a small mission in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico. Construction on the church began around 1772 and was completed in 1815 by Franciscan Fathers and its patron is Saint Francis of Assisi. It is made of adobe as are many of the Spanish missions in New Mexico. It a few miles south of Taos Pueblo and has inspired among the greatest number of depictions of any building in the United States. It was the subject of four paintings by Georgia O Keeffe,and photographs by Ansel Adams and Paul Strand. Georgia O Keeffe described it as one of the most beautiful buildings left in the United States by the early Spaniards.
25. Pilgrimage Church Neviges Germany
Pilgrimage church designed by Gottfried B
26. Church with an A Madrid Spain
A Parish Church at the beginning of Alcalde Sainz de Baranda St. (Madrid, Spain).
27. Mr Ekos Church The Island near the beach camp
Architects: Eko and Charlie. Built in the 3rd season of Lost series.
28. Grundtvigs Church Copenhagen Denmark
Grundtvig s Church (Danish: Grundtvigs Kirke) is located in the Bispebjerg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a rare example of expressionist church architecture. Due to its unusual appearance, it is one of the best known churches in the city.
29. Catholic Church Uruguay South America
30. The Felsenkirche a k a Church of the Rock IdarOberstein Germany
The Felsenkirche ( Church of the Rock

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