most expensive divorces in history

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Most Expensive Divorces In History

Most Expensive Divorces In History
1. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison
In 2004 movie star Harrison Ford reportedly paid his ex wife a whopping $85 million in a record breaking divorce settlement for a Hollywood actor at the time, which would be surpassed only a couple of years later by Mel Gibson in his divorce.
2. Madonna and Guy Ritchie
In a very rare case where the woman has to pay off the husband, the Queen of Pop paid the most money a woman has ever paid a man (from what we know at least).(About $75?$92 million)
3. John and Beverly Charman
John and Beverly met at school in 1969. When they married in 1976 neither had significant resources. In November 2003, Mr. Charman, nicknamed King of the London Insurance Market, told his wife he was setting up residence in Bermuda and their marriage was over. He initially offered her $7 million in cash, but she argued the sum wasn t enough. To make a long story short Beverly was finally satisfied only when she won about $95 million in cash and property.
4. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving
Amy Irving rose to fame in 1976 when she played the lone teen survivor in Carrie. Spielberg began to make a name for himself in Hollywood following Jaws. The pair married in 1985, but they broke up four years later. Spielberg gave Irving about $100 million.
5. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
Even though there were initial reports that Elin could score $750 million, that figure proved to be completely wrong and unrealistic. Nevertheless, Elin abandoned the marriage after Tiger repeatedly cheated on her, giving her $100 million as a result while Tiger has become a shadow of his former self as a golfer and icon.
6. Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy
Famed golfer and businessman Greg Norman s divorce from former flight attendant Laura Andrassy cost him $103 million. Combined with the $7 million that Evert, his new wife, paid former Olympic skier and ex husband Andy Mill in their 2006 divorce, the newlyweds paid a whopping $110 million to be legally wed.
7. Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl
Garth Brooks met Sandy Mahl while he was still a struggling musician working as a bouncer. The couple were married for thirteen years, during which time Garth s career and wallet exploded. In the end, Garth cut a $125 million check to his ex wife.
8. Frank and Jamie McCourt
Jamie and Frank McCourt moved to LA in 2004 to live their dream as owners of the illustrious Dodgers. Then went on a massive spending spree: $74 million on four homes, a $12 million pool, and a $10,000 a month hairstylist. Though their team hit an initial winning streak, their marriage struck out. Their divorce produced a slew of unsavory financial details and Jamie walked away with an estimated $130 million.
9. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey
When the famous singer met Marcia Murphey he was married to his first wife. In 1994, however, they separated; Marcia claimed it was over irreconcilable differences. Diamond willingly gave her the money she asked for and moved on to new adventures in his love life.
10. Samathur Li Kin kan and Florence Tsang Chiu wing
Samathur Li Kin kan is a real estate tycoon and one of Hong Kong s most famous and powerful billionaires. He became even more famous when he divorced his wife because she refused to get an abortion. The settlement was and remains the largest in Asian history. ($157 million)

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