most bizarre hollywood dystopias

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Most Bizarre Hollywood Dystopias

Most Bizarre Hollywood Dystopias. Science fiction is unique in that it can ask and attempt to answe
1. The Matrix 1999
In a world ruled by machines, peoples minds are trapped inside a virtual reality and their bodies are used as batteries by the robots. A group of humans has managed to escape, and they turn their efforts to defeating the robots both in and out of The Matrix.The most interesting element of this film is in the dynamic of the Matrix itself. Many of the captive people on the inside live normal lives, with the comforts and troubles of the average person in 1999. The free people of the world, meanwhile, struggle to survive on the outside, and have few comforts, if any. Is it a convincing case for ignorance as bliss?
2. Idiocracy 2006
In a future overwhelmed by corporate influence and the apathy of the masses, intelligence has plunged to startlingly low levels. Two of the most average people of modern times are put in suspended animation for 500 years, emerging into a world where crops are watered with Gatorade (and dont grow), and where people can barely speak and are terrified of anything approaching a coherent thought.Its a decent but way over the top comedy, but the point it raises is an important one. Even today, there is an unhealthy level of suspicion towards science and intelligence. Is that something that will serve us well?
3. The Hunger Games 2012
In the fictional Panem, two children from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capital must enter The Hunger Games. The Games are a fight to the death, set in a large outdoor arena fraught with wild beasts and unnatural elements and all the contestants, of course.The Games, were told, are a reminder to the people of the districts of the consequences of disobedience. The Games began after the districts rebelled against the Capital, and are a tool by which the people are oppressed. Each district works at manufacturing or at collecting resources, all of which goes towards allowing the Capital to live it up.
4. Serenity 2005
In the distant future, with a galactic government spreading its influence further and further and bending unwilling human colonies to its iron will, a group of smugglers are caught in the sights of a special agent intent on capturing a member of their crew.The dystopian element enters later. We see that the origin of a marauding cannibal force called the Reavers is on a planet called Miranda
5. Children of Men 2006
What would happen if, one day, all women stopped getting pregnant?The film picks up 20 years after the last birth of a human child, with war and disease ravaging nearly all of the world. Suicide kits are sold in stores, and the hope of a future for our world is gone.Until a pregnant woman is discovered. With that, true ugliness is exposed a group intends to take the woman and her child and use them as tools to further a political agenda. This is a film that examines our selfishness and shortsightedness, and is one of the most compelling dystopian films ever made.
6. Elysium 2013
Elysium is a space station for the wealthy, and is off limits to the poor inhabitants of Earth. Earth has become a disgusting hive of corruption and abuse, made all the worse by the overhanging station above.The scary part for all the sick and dying on Earth, there is little hope but Elysium has these medical pods that can cure anything. From cancer to an exploded face, the pods take but a few minutes to cure. That means the rich of Elysium, for some insane reason, must all be the most horrific super villains of all time. There arent many other explanations.
7. Minority Report 2002
A film that has been cited as a significant influence on modern technology, Minority Report has become ever more relevant in the years since its release. It tells the story of an agent of the PreCrime department in Washington DC, 2054, a man who captures criminals before they can commit crime. When he himself is predicted to become a murderer, he goes on the run and attempts to clear his name of the crime he has not yet committed.Theres a big push now to find and apprehend domestic terrorists and mass shooters before they have a chance to commit a crime, and similar issues of determining guilt before the act do sometimes apply
8. Wall E 2008
The world is overwhelmed with garbage, the human race fled long ago, and a single garbagecompacting robot remains to try to clean everything up for when the people return.The people are obese to the point of immobility, slaves to a consumer culture that ignores the perils of excess, and ignorant to all that their ancestors left behind so long ago.It takes little work to connect the corporation at the heart of the problem, Buy N Large, to the Walmarts of the world, and the film is a grim reminder of the path our excessive lifestyles have us on.
9. V for Vendetta 2005
V for Vendetta follows a man named V, a man who is orchestrating the downfall of the fascist government that has twisted British society into a nightmare state reminiscent of Nazi Germany.There are interesting parallels in this film to modern life. Londons CCTV cameras are held as an example of the kind of statesponsored monitoring found in the story come to life. Online group Anonymous, which adopted Vs Guy Fawkes mask as a symbol, has also been criticized for targeting individuals and groups with dissenting opinions and pressuring them into silence, drawing a parallel to the culture of censorship in the film.
10. Daybreakers 2009
Many zombie films deal with the apocalypse in motion, but Daybreakers instead looks at what happens when the vampires have won.Needless to say, taking over the planet leads to the sticky problem of finding enough blood to nourish an entire world with a very particular diet. A chance encounter with a group of humans leads the protagonist to a startling discovery vampirism is curable.The film tackles ideas like class exploitation and the influence of big Pharma, and while its not the greatest effort ever committed to film, its entertaining in spurts and, at times, downright creepy.

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