most beautiful valleys in the world

Most Beautiful Valleys In The World

The world is a wonderful place with lots of wonderful places to visit .
41. Dzukou Valley Nagaland
The most beautiful and charmingvalleysofNagaland, located at the border of the Indian states ofManipur and Nagaland. The dzukou valley is well known for its wonderfultrekking spotsand breathtaking natural sanctuary. Dzukou valley located behind the Japfu peak and entire valley is overshadowed with a type of tough bamboo and abundant natural beauty. During the winter,valley hills are covered with snow and in later season it seems like a carpet of wild flowers.
42. Dibang Valley Arunachal Pradesh
Dibang valley named after the dibang river, originates in the mountains and flows through the length of the valley. The valley is divided into upper valley and lower valley, The upper valley doesnt have much attractions but lower valley offers unique attraction for everyone tourists, nature lovers, adventure anthropologists, and wildlife photographers. The youngest valley of state is very rich in wildlife, rare species of mammals such as red goral, mishmi takin and gongshan while among birdsflying squirrelandhorn bills.
43. Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand
The valley of flowers is a beautiful land situated in the high himalayas of Chamolidistrictof Uttarakhand. When the sun shines hot in the sky thousands of different beautiful flowers bloom in the land of outstanding natural beauty. valley of flowers also hostNanda Deviand valley of flowersnational park, which is home to rare and endangeredwild animals, including thesnow leopard,brown bear, Asiatic black bear and blue sheep. A trek of about 17 km requires to get into the valley of flowers from joshimath in garhwal. Anothervalleysin this region is doon valley, located in sivalik hills in Dehradun.
44. Kangra Valley Himachal Pradesh
The himachal is all about Himalayas, It has many beautiful valleys like spiti valley, sangla valley and chamba valley. The beautiful kangra valley is filled with numerous perennial streams and surrounded by dhauladhar range the white mountains,tea gardens and pine trees. Kangra valley is also know for palampur hill station, kangra temples, beautiful kangra fort and Dharamsala home of the Dalai Lama.
45. Kashmir Valley
The stunning valley of Kashmir is known for itsgreat mountainscovered with lush green forest ranges, snow covered hills, rivers and pastures. Vale of Kashmir lies between Himalayas and the pir panjal range, formed by the Jhelum River. The 135 km long and 32 km wide valley is also known as paradise on earth. Most popular tourist places around the valley are Gulmarg hill station,Dal Lake, and theAmarnath Temple. Another beautiful valley in region of Jammu and Kashmir is the suru valley situated in Ladakh drained by the suru river.
46. The Loire Valley
The Loire Valley is located in the middle of the Loire River in central France. The valley spans 280 km, but the total area attached to it exceeds 800 sq. km. Due to its abundant vineyards and cherry orchards, the valley is known as theGarden of France,
47. The Shenandoah Valley
The Shenandoah Valley is named after the Shenandoah River which flows throughout the length of the valley. The valley is bordered to the east by the Blue Ridge Mountains and to the west by the Ridge and Valley Appalachians. To the north it is bounded by the Potomac River and by the James River to the south. The Shenandoah Valley comprises nine counties, which are: Frederick, Clark, Warren, Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, Augusta, Rockbridge, Berkley, and Jefferson Counties in Virginia and West Virginia. The valley is a cultural region of Virginia.
48. The Grand Canyon
This canyon is a very deep river valley, and the Grand Canyon is created by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona, U.S. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide. At some places it is one mile deep. There have been different opinions about the formation of the canyon, but recently the geologists have arrived at the conclusion that the Colorado River started flowing into the canyon about 17 million years ago. The river continued cutting its course, layer by layer, and this continuous corrosion is the cause of its extraordinary depth.
49. The Nile Valley
The 6,650 km long Nile River is generally considered the longest river, and it flows through ten countries including: Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rawanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Egypt. The ancient Egyptian civilization depended upon this river. Most of the population is concentrated alongside the river, and almost all of the historical archaeological sites are located along the river bank. The River Nile floods annually and leaves behind a lot of fertile clay after receding, and this results in bumper crops. It was customary during ancient times to offer human sacrifices to the river. After the construction of the Aswan Dam in 1970, there is no annual flooding of the river.
50. The Panjshir Valley
The valley is located in the Panjshir province near the Hindu Kush mountain range about 150 km north of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. It is home to about 140,000 residents. The valley was known for silver mining in the past and yields the best quality crystals. It is also known for mining emeralds and other precious stones. In connection with the American reconstruction efforts for Afghanistan, new roads and a radio station have been developed in Panjshir valley.

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