most beautiful valleys in the world

Most Beautiful Valleys In The World

The world is a wonderful place with lots of wonderful places to visit .
21. Barun Valley Nepal
A world of stunning contrasts, this valley is filled with high waterfalls and deep gorges.
22. Lotschental Switzerland
Surrounded by 3,000 meter peaks, this valley is home to some of the most glaciated regions in the Alps.
23. Valley of the Ten Peaks Canada
Located in Banff National Park, one look at the picture should tell you where it got its name.
24. Romsdalen Norway
The foreboding walls of this valley are a rock climbers dream.
25. Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Deep within the Alps, there are few valleys on Earth that can compare with the majestic beauty of Lauterbrunnen.
26. Cerce valley France
I remember this journey through the Cerce Valley (French Alps, quite close to Brian
27. Sedona Verde Valley
The Verde Valley is a valley in central Arizona in the United States of America. The Verde River runs through it. It is overlooked by Mingus Mountain and the Mogollon Rim.
28. Yangdi valley China
Through time, drainage passages were formed from the huge slabs of soluble rock to form this beautiful valleys topography.
29. Jehlum Valley
This is an ideal valley of Azad Kshmir region for both the domestic and international tourists. The curling river Jhelum passes through from East to West between the high green mountains of this valley. This valley has a most beautiful valley Leepa Valley . This is the most fascinating & loveliest valley in Azad Kashmir. Its lush green rice fields in summer and typical wooden Kashmiri houses present a wonderful view to the people visiting the area. Walnut, Apple, Cherry and honey of Leepa are very popular and in great demand. There are many visiting sites like Peerchanasi, Chikar, Chinary, Leepa, Chakothi, Ghari Dopatta, Chokothi Chamfall and Zilzaal Lake.
30. Rawalakot
Rawalakot is a town in Azad Kashmir, and is the district headquarter of Poonch Division. It is in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills, which is located 80 km away from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rawalakot is a summer visiting point The winters in Rawalakot are cold and chilly. There are many attraction for visitors like Banjosa; Toli Pir; Poonch River; Tatta Pani; Banjosoa Lake; Sudhngalli and many more.

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