most amazing volcanoes

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Most Amazing Volcanoes

biggest volcanoes on Earth, estimated by volume. Includes Tamu Massif, Mauna Loa and a few surprises
1. Eyjafjallajokull Iceland
This volcano caused massive aviation disruption after an ash cloud rising up to nine kilometres erupted in 2010.In April 2010 the huge Iceland eruption combined with the Northern Lights for this spectacular photograph.
2. Mount St Helens USA
In 1980 a series of earthquakes weakened Mount St Helens in the US state of Washington.The massive eruption saw a column of ash rise 24km into the air. Fiftyseven people were killed and billions of dollars worth of damage caused.
3. Puyehue Chile
Volcanic lightning is seen over Chiles Puyehue volcano, in June 2011.The cloud of soot that Puyehue belched out darkened skies as far away as Argentina.
4. Mount Etna Sicily
The spectacular Mount Etna erupts during a dawn in November 2002.
5. Mayon Philippines
In 2009 more than 34,000 people living around the Mayon volcano were evacuated following this eruption.
6. Lascar Chile
This huge plume of smoke erupted from the Lascar volcano in April 2006 and reached more than 3,000m into the air.
7. Anak Krakatau Indonesia
The Child of Krakatau volcano fires ash and lava into the air during an eruption in November 2007.The Anak Krakatau volcano emerged in 1927 from the caldera that was formed after the massive Krakatau eruption of 1883.
8. Soufriere Hills Montserrat
After a long period of dormancy the Soufriere Hills volcano complex sparked back into life in 1995 and has been erupting since. This picture was taken in 2010 and more than half of Montserrat is now uninhabitable.
9. Mount Sinabung Indonesia
Star trails are seen in this long exposure photograph as Mount Sinabung spews ash into the air.
10. Manam Volcano Papua New Guinea
Star trails are seen in this long exposure photograph as Mount Sinabung spews ash into the air.

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