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Latest Hair Colours

Get the latest hair tips on the best products, hairstyles and color.
51. Maribel
This gorgeous honey blonde has very fine highlights that give it dimension without looking outdated, chunky, and stripey.
52. Roxanne
Having three colors in your hair allows you to have a darker color and a lighter color without having too much contrast, since you have a middle color to bridge the gap.
53. Shalimar
Just because it s summer doesn t mean you need to go blonde or even have blonde highlights. If you are a brunette, try getting highlights that are two to three levels lighter than your base color.
54. Hazel
Dimension makes the hair look thicker, healthier and more natural. These light brown highlights on dark brown hair make this gorgeous hair look expensive!
55. Nina
Red isn t just for fall. Try lighter reds for summer!
56. Suzie
Creative color placements give your hair more interest and make your hair look like art.

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