jogging tips and guidelines

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The Dont Just Run Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The Dont Just Run Rule

Runners who only run are prone to injury. Cross training and weight training will make you a stronger and healthier runner, says multisport coach Kris Swarthout. Low and nonimpact sports like biking and swimming will help build supporting muscles used in running, while also giving your primary running muscles a rest. The Exception The surest way to run better is to run. So if your time is limited, devote most of it to running.

Do one session a week to start
The 2 Hour Rule
The 10 Degree Rule
The Sleep Rule
The Familiar Food Rule
It Takes As Long As It Takes
The Refueling Rule
Listen to Your Body
The Conversation Rule
The New Shoes Rule
Rest the day after
The Even Pace Rule
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