jogging tips and guidelines

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The Hard Easy Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The Hard Easy Rule

Take at least one easy day after every hard day of training. Easy means a short, slow run, a cross training day, or no exercise at all. Hard means a long run, tempo run, or speed workout. Give your body the rest it needs to be effective for the next hard run, says Todd Williams, a two time U.S. Olympian and online coach at Apply the hard easy rule to your monthly and yearly training cycles by treating yourself to one easy week each month, and one easy month each year. The Exception After the most exhausting long runs and speed workouts, especially if youre 40 or older, wait for two or even three days before your next tough one.

The Long Run Pace Rule
Dont skip your cooldown
The Finishing Time Rule
The Carbs Rule
Dont eat breakfast before jogging
Dont force your body
The Left Side Of The Road Rule
The 10 Percent Rule
Dont start too fast
The Up Beats Down Rule
Focus on proper running form
Use good equipment
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