international sport events

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International Sport Events

Some of the most recognised sporting events in the world.
21. World Baseball Classic
International baseball competitions have never been a significant part of the game. The Olympics, where all other international sports are settled, has lacked star power.In 2005, this changed with the introduction of the World Baseball Classic. This three week tournament included some of the best baseball teams from North America, Latin America and Asia.Japan has won both tournaments thus far and, as time goes on, the tournament will continue to grow.
22. FIBA World Championships
For those people that think this is just another basketball tournament that the United States dominates, you need to think again. This is not the Olympics. The United States won the 2010 FIBA title, but before that, the tournament saw a great deal of parity.Most countries put out their best lineups, while the United States takes a backseat. This is no longer the case. Look for this tournament to gain more attention as the United States begins to invest more time and energy into playing this worldwide competition.As basketball grows around the world, competition will continue to increase, and the level of play will become that much better.
23. FIS Alpine World Ski Championships
The International Ski Federation, since 1931, has put on the world premier downhill skiing championship.Though hosted mostly in Europe, the competition is attended by skiers from all over the world and is similar to many of the other contests that alternate every two years with the winter Olympics.
24. World Cup Soccer
Thirty two nations play, but billions of people in countries all around the world drop everything they are doing for a month every four years to see who claims the title of World Cup soccer champion.The teams that compete in the World Cup finals are those that emerge from a series of qualifying rounds played out over the prior three years. The tournament of tournaments is therefore a showcase of the finest squads from across the continents and hemispheres.It during the finals that the intense challenge begins. First, in a series of first round games, each team plays the three rivals in its opening bracket. Teams get three points for each win, one point for a tie, and zero for a loss. The top two teams in the bracket then move on to the single game elimination rounds, with victorious teams proceeding though quarterfinal and semifinal rounds before the final championship match.
25. The Super Bowl United States
The Super Bowl is so big that even the commercials are worth watching. The first Super Bowl (held in January 1967) was played to plenty of empty seats and a waning TV audience. But now Super Bowl Sundays, progressively marked with Roman numerals, are the most celebrated one game professional championship on the 12 month Gregorian calendar.The Super Bowl concludes a 16 game regular season, and three postseason play off rounds. It pits the top team from the American Football Conference against the top team from the National Football Conference for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy (not to mention diamond studded rings for players, coaches, and front office suits ).The Sunday evening spectacle is preceded by two weeks of parties and pre game hype.

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