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Interior Essentials

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21. The Importance of Lighting
However trivial this may seem, it can be a very mundane task when you want to decide lighting for your room. Picking the right illumination is very important so you need to keep the various lights in mind. Some provide a cool and soothing ambience, some maybe overly lit, while others shine from one corner of the room to another. So choose each light according to different settings. Read on for various types of lights and see which one fits your room.
22. Table Lamp
Starting with the most classic of them all, you can always opt for this whenever you can't decide among the rest. Known for a very calm and soothing effect, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes or designs. You can try for lamp shades as well, since they are easy to change; each shade adds more color and freshness to your room.
23. Cabinet Lighting
Cabinet lighting usually are fit underneath a cabinet or shelf and provide illumination for a particular task. Often placed in kitchen cabinets, they act as spotlights for cooking, they also provide accent brightness for living room shelves.
24. Wall Sconce
The Wall Sconce provides a very modern and trendy look to your house. It is a wall mounted setting, mostly used for adding ambience and decoration. This type of lighting is usually found in a hallway or staircase as they provide dimmer, less vibrant illumination. Depending upon the shade and tone of your room, you may setup a sconce, be it modern or classic. Most living rooms do have Wall Sconce which gives it a nice and elegant feeling.
25. Recessed Lighting
Although not commonly used, but if space is an issue, recessed bulbs are a great option, because they take up no space at all. These lights are placed directly into the ceiling. Often used as accents in a larger space, such as a kitchen or living room, recessed bulbs are mostly used in multiples as they provide additional brightness in dark spaces. If you want lighting over some bookshelves, or want to illuminate some specific areas of your living room say your trophy case then Recessed lights are a very good way to use.
26. Pendant Light
Bored with the usual concept of lights and want to try something new and creative? Look for Pendant Lights! These are smaller fixtures suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod. Many different styles, including drum pendants and globe pendants are found making it easy to choose one that will suit the shade of your decor. So how about you lighten up your kitchen area or say a dining table or any specific area you want to highlight with Pendant lights.
27. Chandelier
Chandeliers are the most beautiful type of home decor, one which has no match or reference. It holds a big significance among the wealthy as it is usually seen installed in their living rooms. Chandeliers usually combine multiple light bulbs in one unit to create a larger, a more dramatic and artistic statement piece; produce a stronger glow and often stand alone. Chandeliers are generally used in an entryway or a formal dining room.
28. Track Lighting
Just like a chandelier but a little different, its setting is made of several light bulbs in one fixture installed along a horizontal track and not together. Mostly positioned to highlight specific areas, this makes great for showcasing artwork. A great way to get a lot of illumination in one space be it your kitchen or hall way, and therefore they look good in less formal settings. Adding these type of lights to corners is highly recommended if you have a special showcase or a framed piece.
29. Setting the Right Media Furniture
While considering products and furniture for your living room, you must make the most of those products which are going to stay for a longer period. Such is the Media storage spaces that can really make or break the look of your living room. Since it ends up becoming a primary fixed furniture, it sets the tone for the entire space. In sum it is essential that we pay attention to material and style which fit with our living room.
30. The Right Size of Media Furniture
Getting a media station of the right size is the most important thing for a living room. Since it is going to hold a bit of weight, you will want it to be a sturdy structure for your TV and other media accessories. Also make sure that the width of your TV stand is greater than the width of your TV. This prevents from bumping into the sides of the TV that might be hanging off the media console, potentially knocking it over. An enclosed structure is usually more preferable since it has a few cabinets for storing some attachments as well.

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