interior design ideas

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Interior Design Ideas

Learn the basics of home decorating, including where to find ideas, design principles.
91. Be quirky
By hanging a chair on a wall, not only are you saving valuable floor space and also keeping it easily to hand if you need a spare seat, but it provides the perfect home for a stack of magazines or books. Genius.
92. Hang em high
If you havent yet figured it out, Ikea are insanely brilliant at displaying clever storage ideas for small spaces. Case in point? These bookshelves along the perimeter of a bedroom.
93. Put your bed to work
When space is at a premium, make every piece of furniture earn its keep. This sleek bed has storage in the headboard for books, plus under bed storage for clothes. Clever.
94. Make a bookshelf door
Building a bookshelf around a door as this place shows is a super stylish decorating idea for spaces both big and small. Just add some beautiful boxes for storage and display your most beautiful books.
95. Office space
No room for an office? A large hallway makes the perfect spot for an ad hoc workspace. To avoid it looking too cluttered, blend the desk and shelving into the surrounding area by using similar colours.
96. Smallest room
Create a fanciful retreat in your bathroom by papering all four walls in a dynamic print. The continuous pattern allows your eye to roam the room rather than be confronted by a solid colour.
97. Dressing it up
In a neutral decorating scheme, painting the hardware and features a contrasting colour is a subtle yet distinctive way to introduce some colour into a room.

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