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Incredible People With Real Superpowers

Wim Hof is the Iceman
Kevin Richardson has the ability to understand animals
Claudio Pinto has telescopic eyes
Cassie Graves has a potent scent
Harold Williams super linguistic powers
Tibetan Monks control their body temperature using their minds
Rathakrishnan Velu has teeth of steel
Daniel Browning Smith is the Rubber boy
Stephen Wiltshire super photographic memory
Jesus Aceves is the real werewolf
Ma Xiangang is Mr Electro
Shakuntala Devi Human computer
Veronica Seider telescopic vision
Natasha Demkina X ray vision
Daniel Tammet Mathematical Genius
Dean Karnazes Super endurance
Isao Machii Master Samurai
Ben Underwood the boy with echolocation
Kim Peek Mastermind
Garry Turner Super stretch abilities
Noorsyaidah wire growth
Arthur Lintgen vinyl vision
Al Herpin Sleeplessness
Liew Thow Lin Magnetism
Tim Cridland accelerated heaing
Worlds loudest woman
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