incredible people with real superpowers

Incredible People With Real Superpowers

Incredible People With Real Superpowers
21. Noorsyaidah wire growth
Noorsyaidah is an Indonesian woman who claims that metal wires grow out of her body and have been growing for over twenty years. The metal wires about ten to twenty centimeters (four to eight inches) had skeptics believing it was a hoax. Nevertheless, after X ray and further analysis they are now trying to find a reasonable scientific explanation for this phenomenon.
22. Arthur Lintgen vinyl vision
Vinyl vision is the ability to see groove patterns in vinyl recordings and correctly identify musical recordings without the benefit of identifying labels. Only one person has been recorded as having this incredibly unique ability. His name is Arthur B. Lintgen and his ability was officially recognized in 1982 by James Randi, a famous Canadian American retired stage magician and scientific skeptic.
23. Al Herpin Sleeplessness
After a few days without sleep an average human being will probably collapse, but this wasn t the case for Al Herpin who apparently did not sleep during his ninety four years of life. Even though the supposed cause is unknown, some scientists believe that his sleep deprivation was linked to his mother suffering a major injury a few days prior to his birth. He s remembered even today as the man who never slept.
24. Liew Thow Lin Magnetism
Liew Thow Lin is known as the Magnetic Man of Malaysia because of his incredible ability to stick metal objects to his body. After a detailed medical study, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood claims that this extraordinary ability is probably associated with suction properties in his skin.
25. Tim Cridland accelerated heaing
Tim Cridland is known worldwide for his demonstrations that involve pushing large skewers through his body, directly through deep muscle tissue, without feeling pain, without losing any blood, and rapidly healing.
26. Worlds loudest woman
Pay attention fellas. You probably don t want to meet Jittarat Wongsomboom on e Harmony anytime soon. You think your girlfriend won t shut up? Jittaratat won a contest laughing for 12 minutes and 26 seconds at a peak volume of 110 decibels. The amazing thing is, she s still less annoying than the women on the view.

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