incredible people with real superpowers

Incredible People With Real Superpowers

Incredible People With Real Superpowers
11. Ma Xiangang is Mr Electro
Ma Xiangang is apparently impervious to electricity. He is capable of touching live wires without feeling any pain (wires that would normally kill the majority of people) and is also able to turn on light bulb while touching a source of electricity.
12. Shakuntala Devi Human computer
Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and was popularly known as the human computer. A child prodigy, her talents eventually earned her a place in the 1982 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records. Her mathematical abilities were so impressive that she could perform calculations that computers at that time failed to do.
13. Veronica Seider telescopic vision
In October 1972 the University of Stuttgart, in what was then West Germany, reported that there was a student named Veronica Seider who possessed a visual acuity twenty times better than average. They called her the girl with the super vision and according to her own claims she could see things at extremely long distances. The question is: Why didn t she become a sniper?
14. Natasha Demkina X ray vision
In Russia it is widely believed that a young girl named Natasha Demkina can identify diseases in patients better than their physicians. How? Via her extraordinary sight. According to her, she can see through patients bodies, which pretty much means that Natasha has X ray vision. How cool is that?
15. Daniel Tammet Mathematical Genius
Daniel Tammet is an autistic savant who can perform mind boggling mathematical calculations at amazing speeds. But unlike other savants who can perform similar feats, Tammet can actually describe how he does it. He also speaks seven languages and is even devising his own. Simply put, here we have a combo of Lex Luthor and Professor Xavier in the making.
16. Dean Karnazes Super endurance
Most athletes and runners have to stop when they reach their lactate threshold, but Dean Karnazes s muscles never tire and because of this rare ability he can run for days and nights without sleeping or stopping. His extraordinary feats include running on a treadmill for eighty hours nonstop (350 miles) and running fifty marathons in fifty states in fifty consecutive days.
17. Isao Machii Master Samurai
Isao Machii calls himself a modern day samurai and possesses incredible sword skills. Machii has even been videotaped slicing a speeding pellet in half with his sword.
18. Ben Underwood the boy with echolocation
This amazing human being was diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of two and had his eyes removed at age three. He taught himself echolocation at age five and was able to detect the location of objects by making frequent clicking noises with his tongue. He used it to accomplish such feats as running, playing basketball, riding a bicycle, rollerblading, playing football, and skateboarding. Unfortunately, the remarkable Ben Underwood died on January 19, 2009, at age sixteen from the same cancer that took his vision.
19. Kim Peek Mastermind
Kim Peek is the real Rain Man whose almost unimaginable powers of memory were coupled with severe disabilities and inspired the Oscar winning role played by Dustin Hoffman. Known as a megasavant, he had one of the most exceptional memories in recorded history.
20. Garry Turner Super stretch abilities
There s a wide array of elastic superheroes

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