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Ideal for Cooking

what makes fats special, how to tell them apart, and how to pick the best one for the job.
61. Halibut With Bacon And Leeks
Its no secret that bacon and fish are a good match. Add some fresh leeks to the mix and youve got yourself an ideal paleo meal.
62. Bacon Wrapped Carrots
Only in the paleo world would something like bacon wrapped carrots be readily accepted and encouraged, but this is what makes paleo great.
63. Bacon Meatloaf Muffins
This meaty muffin recipe, according to the creator, is the perfect option if you are hungover. Keep it in mind after your next night of partying.
64. Bacon And Tomato Guacamole
This guacamole is a nice option if you are throwing a party or if you just feel like hoarding a delicious snack all to yourself.
65. Avocado And Bacon Sandwiches
One of our favorite easy paleo recipes. Sliced avocado between crispy slices of bacon. Does it get any better than that?
66. Grilled Chicken With Bacon And Rosemary
This is a simple dish that is easy to make, but which is packed with flavor thanks to the savory bacon and the addition of fresh rosemary.
67. Baked Eggs In Bacon Rings
Baked eggs in bacon seems like something that would be enjoyable in the morning, but this reciple will do any time of day.
68. Herb Garlic And Bacon Pork Loin
Packed with flavor, this recipe features crisp bacon and a bunch of flavorful herbs such as thyme, basil, and sage, not to mention the delicious combo of onion and garlic.
69. Bacon Wrapped Dates
Even if you arent a fan of dates, youll love this recipe, mainly because anything is good wrapped in bacon.
70. Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Enjoy this great twist on roasted Brussels sprouts.

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