home design ideas

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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
1. Turn off the switch
De electrify your dining room. Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier Marjorie Skouras makes one thats dripping with coral. So romantic. Who cares what you serve.
2. Use something natural
Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. I love a fiddle leaf fig for its sweet platypus bill like leaves. If you want to go the extra mile, stick some uplights behind it.
3. Divide and conquer
I once had a friend stay with me for a week and she cleaned out all my drawers. It was a life changing experience. So go to the Container Store and buy all those drawer dividers and start organizing.
4. Contrast with dark paint
Paint your baseboards a contrasting color such as Spanish brown or dark gray. Its like applying eyeliner it will make the wall pop. Plus, it wont show scuffs.
5. Go angular
Consider setting the furniture and the carpet on an angle. It will change the whole dynamic of a room.
6. D i y art gallery
Go to Home Depot, buy a length of crown molding at least two inches deep, and nail it to the wall to create a picture ledge. Id do it in a family space, like a kitchen or a hallway. Buy standard frames and pop in your childrens art or family photos and change it around every few weeks.
7. Try a new scent
I was visiting a friend in the south of France, and every night she would light a Jo Malone candle in my bedroom and close the door. When I walked in to go to bed, there would this waft of scent basil, lime, and mandarin orange. Now, whenever I light this candle, I think of France.
8. Hide led lights
Buy a bunch of those battery operated LED Everywhere lights for only $8.99 each. Theyre like little hockey pucks, with adhesive on the back. Put them under a console table, on top of a bookcase, or use them to backlight some interesting object on a shelf.
9. Try a new style lightbulb
Experiment with different lightbulbs in your sconces and chandeliers. Instead of the traditional flame tip, try using clear Edison bulbs. Ditch the shades for a more modern look.
10. Create dramatic light
If you want a little drama in your life, change the color of your lampshades to black. Much more dramatic, and it creates lovely pools of light along with a little punctuation in a room. Line the shades in gold paper to add a little sparkle.

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