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Serious Lip Service

Healthy Lips

Serious Lip Service

What anti dry lip arsenal would be complete without a lip balm of some sort Lip balms can bring a smile to even the sorest dry lips; they build a barrier between your lips mucus membranes and the outside world, helping lock must have moisture in. Remember to apply just a thin coat of lip balm dont gob it on, because that might tempt you to lick off the excess and we already learned why that was a bad idea. Also, its important to get a lip balm of at least SPF 15. Lips are very sensitive to the sun, so they need lots of protection from it. Otherwise, chapping can just get worse.

Expert Tips
Exercise Your Lips
Scrub a dub dub
Exfoliate when necessary
Exfoliate your lips
Scrub your lips
Massage the lips
W3LL People Nudist Lipshine Stick
Stay hydrated
Leadfree Lipstick
Lick the smacking habit
Moisturize your Lips
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