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Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy Lips

Eat a Healthy Diet

Have you ever noticed that your eating habits sometimes seem to soothe your complexion? Or that your skin might react poorly to a junk food bender? Make no mistake your diet is a big factor in your lips condition. Your lips are dependent on a steady intake of vitamins and minerals, so stick to healthy, nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamins B and E are especially important for healthy lips and skin. Do you resort to a tube or jar for a quick lip fix? Thats fine, but read on to make sure your favorite product isnt making the problem worse.

Drink plenty of water
Use the Right Lip Balm
Magic of pomegranate seeds
Know thy balms
Moisturize your Lips
Lick the smacking habit
Serious Lip Service
Avoid eating salty foods that leave a buildup on your lips
Massage the lips
Eat a Healthy Diet
Quit smoking
Moisturise your lips
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