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Dont make matte forever

Healthy Lips

Dont make matte forever

Matte lipsticks can be extremely drying (which helps these lipsticks stay put for so long). Thats why you should use them sparingly when your lips are extremely chapped. Instead, alternate use of them with hydrating lipsticks (as indicated by ingredients like vitamin E and/or glycerin) or add a layer of moisturizing lip balm underneath. Opt for the nonmatte, hydrating Ultima II Ultimate Edition Lipstick with primrose oil and vitamin E ($15; at drugstores) or layer Prescriptives Lip Specialist ($15; underneath a matte.

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Dont make matte forever
Moisturise your lips
Know thy balms
Stay away from Dark Colours
Stay hydrated
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Exfoliate your lips
Avoid eating salty foods that leave a buildup on your lips
Coat you Lips with a Chap stick or Lip balm before applying lipstick
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