healthy blood

Control your cholesterol

Healthy Blood

Control your cholesterol
Having high cholesterol, especially if you have diabetes, puts you more at risk for kidney disease, heart disease and stroke. It can also cause diabetic kidney disease to get worse faster.Your triglycerides are also important. People with high triglycerides are more at risk for kidney disease, heart disease and stroke. For most people, a healthy triglyceride level is less than 150. If your total cholesterol, LDL or triglycerides are high, or if your HDL is low, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may suggest exercise, diet changes or medicines to help you get to a healthy cholesterol level.

Stress Less
Exercise To Burn Off Excess Cortisol
Avoid tobacco
Know That Blood Sugar Response Is Quite Individual
Nibble dark chocolate
Add some spice
Stop Dieting
Limit alcohol
Get moving
Eliminate Wheat
Monitor your blood pressure regularly
Cut back on salt
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