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Handy Health Advices

21. Avoid water during meals
Do not drink water with meals. Water should be taken an hour before or an hour after your meals. Water during meals severely hampers your stomach's digestive powers and causes insulin levels to fluctuate significantly.
22. Golden Rule
Follow the Golden Rule - Breakfast like a KING, Lunch like a PRINCE and keep your dinner very light, Starting the day without refuelling your body's engine means poor concentration, irritability, low blood sugar and a dreadful craving for the biscuit tin or chocolate bar in the middle of the morning.
23. Don t starve
People who want to slim down should never starve. Several days of starving increases the craving for food. To prevent over eating impulse the stomach must be filled and the body's requirements of vital nutrients must be met. Slight changes in the diet will certainly help in burning the fat in a healthy way.
24. An Apple a day
Apples are a rich source of dietary fibre, vitamin 'c' and antioxidants. Apples juice is known to effectively improve the digestion. The fibre available in apples helps prevent the cholesterol build up thus keeping the heart diseases at bay.
25. Medical Check up
There is a general feeling among most of us that there is no need to have medical tests or check-ups done unless we have particular symptoms that indicate that we have a medical problem. This is rather unfortunate that we get our car serviced every 3-6 months and ignore our health. Do get your medical check-up done at least once a year, it will prevent lot of serious health problems from occurring.
26. Chin Up Bar
Easily and temporarily turn a doorway into a multi-position chin-up bar for a low cost. Just fit the bar in an doorway which has enough space and do chin-ups when you can.
27. TRX
The TRX strap was developed by a Navy SEAL to stay “mission ready” on the road. They're portable and effective and can be setup permanentely or temporarily based on your requirements. Attach it to the ceiling or for temporary options the TRX does unclip, so it's not always hanging from a ceiling. Otherwise, you can get it with a door anchor.
28. Free Standing Punching Bag
They're affordable, durable and can easily be rolled into a corner. Fill it with water and practice punching. You never know when you might need to be action ready. A good exercise for all heavy boxers.
29. Adjustable Dumbbells
They're dumbbells, yes, but what makes these special is two things: You get a lot of different weight selections for less money than a bunch of individual weights, and they take up a lot less space than a full set.
30. Stretching Mat
Prolonged sitting is seriously bad for your health and which is why you need an exercise mat near your couch to inspire you to get up every once in a while and move a bit. Use this mat and try various stretch exercises so that you remove your lethargy from your body.

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