habits that will make you successful early in life

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Habits That Will Make You Successful Early In Life

1. Habits 1
Learning time management should be on the top of your list of skills to learn. Prioritize your tasks and invest your energies at the right places, just for the right amount of time and youll be a pro at meeting deadlines in no time.
2. Habits 2
Present yourself as the man. Make people believe youre the one who can get them what they need, especially your boss. You want everyone to think youre the most dependable person around.
3. Habits 3
But dont be too eager to blow your own trumpet and announce your achievements to the world, especially until youve actually succeeded in pulling off a difficult task. Do it first, and then tell everyone about it. In fact, the more quiet you are about your efforts, the more surprised people will be on seeing the results, and the more theyre going to talk about you.
4. Habits 4
Listen more, talk less. Be attentive in every meeting. Hear everyone out, no matter how useless you think their ideas are. You never know which thought of theirs strikes off a new, brilliant idea in your head. Also, the less you speak, the lesser are the chances of you uttering something stupid. It will also make you come across as an intelligent person. You want people to literally wait to hear what you have to say.
5. Habits 5
Keep a sight on the ultimate dream but also plan out short-term targets. Its the best way of ensuring that youre always on the move, and not stagnating. Make every day count.
6. Habits 6
Be tactful. There will be times when youd be made to work with the most terrible people and youd really want to shoot them straight in the head. But, thats not how its going to work out. Know how to deal with people the right way. Try to solve conflicts without turning them into fights. Building a good rapport with people despite all disagreements and arguments will take you a long way.
7. Habits 7
But dont be a pushover either. If something bothers you too much, face the problem head on. Dont let people take you for granted. The day you start standing up for yourself, people will start seeing aleaderin you. The right amount of authority in your attitude can ensure your colleagues looking up to you.
8. Habits 8
If working more could ensure success, youd see a dozen more people sitting in late at work. Working hard doesnt help as much as working smart does. Find out the shortest way of solving a problem and youll be surprised at how efficient you suddenly get.
9. Habits 9
Choose your words wisely. Know what to say and when to say it. For those situations when you dont actually have results to show, the right words can help you turn the situation around and save your dignity. And, someone who can speak well is always an important asset to the company. Every company is looking for a face, someone who can say the fanciest things about the company in the most convincing way, someone who can represent a whole company.
10. Habits 10
Wherever you go, build contacts. You have no idea whom youd need when in life. Be the guy everybody remembers. Be the guy everyone wants to work with. Building contacts may seem like the most useless thing right now, but in the long run, it is exactly what is going to pave your way to success.

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