grooming tips

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Grooming Tips

In life there are ways to do small things smarter that can have a significant.
1. Hair
Clean, shiny, well cut hair looks great and never goes out of style. Comb it often to keep it neat.
2. Nails
The basics of nail care include neatly trimmed nails and cuticles, both of which can be done at home. If you wear polish, maintain it regularly. If youre a nail biter, keep your nails short and filed to prevent them from looking ragged. And dont forget your feet when wearing open toed shoes
3. Breath
To keep breath fresh, try to brush your teeth after lunch as well as in the morning and at night. Regular flossing and brushing your tongue helps control odor. Breath mints can help, and its a good idea to keep some handy. It brushing, flossing, and mouthwash dont take care of it, pay a visit to your dentist or doctor.
4. Body odor
A daily bath or shower and use of a combination deodorant/antiperspirant is the best defense against body odor. So is showering before returning to work after a lunchtime workout.
5. Perfume and cologne
Apply perfume or cologne sparingly. If your scent lingers in the room after you leave, youre wearing too much. Unfortunately, the perfume you love may offend someone else or even cause an allergic reaction. Some workplaces have no scent policies, so check yours out. When choosing a scent, opt for something light for daytime or office, and save the heavier or more romantic scents for the evening.
6. Taking Care of Your Wardrobe
Clothes send a message about how you want others to see you. Especially at for special events or daily work, clothes should be spotless at the start of each day soiled or sloppy work clothing reflects on both you and your employer.
7. Trim the nose hairs
This is something very basic that makes a world of difference. Many companies make nose hair clippers for a moderate price . Believe me when I tell you this is something that people do notice.
8. Trim the eyebrows
I actually even recommend getting them professionally cleaned (not shaped) to open up the eyes. Remember to brush them up before you leave for the day , as this opens up the eye, keeping the face more alert.
9. Clean the hair off your ears and neck
This is something your barber can do for you monthly that gives the appearance of good grooming. The sight of long ear hairs, or neck hair going into the collar of your shirt, is never appealing.
10. Brush and floss your teeth daily
I ve always believed that it doesn t matter if your teeth are not perfectly straight and white, but please keep them clean. It is rather unappealing to talk to someone and see built up plaque or food stuck between their teeth. I know this one seems simple, but trust me when I tell you to take nothing for granted.

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