greatest cricketers of all time

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Greatest Cricketers of All Time

21. Sanath Jaysuriya
Sanath is one of the greatest attacking openers of world cricket. He is considered one of the finest all rounders of all time, due to his aggressive batting and spin bowling. He has played over 400 matches in ODI.
22. Ricky Ponting
Australia has won two consecutive world cups under his captaincy. He is one of the most stylish and classy batsmen and has dominated over all the best bowlers. Punter has scored 27,000+ runs and 71 centuries in his prolific career.
23. Jacques Kallis
If we talk about the best all rounders, no one can beat the elegance and class of Jacque Kallis. He has scored over 24,000 runs with 500+ wickets in his career. His class is matchless.
24. Dennis Lillee
Dennis Lillee is renowned as one of the most lethal bowlers of all time.
25. Ian Botham
Ian was the best all rounder of the 1970s, and probably one of the best all rounders England ever has produced.
26. Kapil Dev
Under the Captaincy of Kepil Dev India won their first World Cup title in the year 1983. He was a gifted batsman along with phenomenal bowling skills. In short, Kapil was a genuine all rounder.

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