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Keeping a clear head Relaxing with eyes covered

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Keeping a clear head Relaxing with eyes covered

Place firm bolsters beneath your back and head to support your body from the lower back up. Make sure your head stays slightly higher. Wrap a narrow scarf around your eyes. Lie back over the support, legs apart, feet dropping outward. Check through your body for tension. Let go of your jaw and mouth, and feel as if your face is without expression. Rest for 1020 minutes. When coming out, remove the scarf but keep the eyes closed for a few moments.

Protecting bones Start a garden
Good digestion
De stressing
Keeping a clear head Stay focused
Detoxing Clear out your junk
Keeping joints moving Bay leaf joint soak
Healthy prostate Cook with linseed oil
A good night s sleep Scheduling sleep
Boosting immunity Wash out your nose!
Stop Smoking Never too late
Lifting mood Visualizing confidence
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