foods to fuel your workout

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Foods to fuel your workout

1. Apples
Add peanut butter for extra protein and a controlled energy release.
2. English Muffin
Top with an egg or hummus for extra energy.
3. Fruit Smoothie
Include a dairy or plant yogurt to deliver the energy slowly.
4. Whole Grain Cereal
Add dairy or plant milk for long lasting nutrient rich carbs.
5. Bananas
A quick energy booster.
6. Oatmeal
Nutrient dense and energy rich oats help with heavy lifting.
7. Whole Grain Pretzels
This high glycemic carb gives fast absorbing fuel.
8. Whole Grain Bread
Whole grain topped with nut butter and bananas is nutrient dense.
9. Granola
Quick digesting carbs give energy when you need it during a workout.
10. Trail Mix
A mix of nuts and grains provide carbs and protein.

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