Scorzonera Tingitana


A flower known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants.
Scorzonera Tingitana
I am indebted for seeds of this plant to my very worthy and liberal friend Nich. Gwyn, M. D. of Ipswich, to whose penetrating genius, and learned researches, Botany owes much.As its name implies, it is a native of the province of Tangier, on the Barbary coast, appears to have been cultivated here, according to the Hort. Kew. in 1713, but is not mentioned in the 6th 4to. edit. of Millers Dictionary.It may be considered as forming a valuable addition to our stock of annuals, being a beautiful plant, and easily cultivated it thrives best on a moderately dry soil, warmly situated should be sown in the spring with other annuals.I have observed, that in the middle of summer, a hot unclouded sun, which is favourable to the expansion of most of the flowers of this class, is too powerful for those of the present plant, which then appear to the greatest advantage in warm hazy weather.

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