fashion designers of all time

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Fashion Designers of all time

Fashion Designers of all time
21. Jeanne Lanvin
Leanne Lanvin was born in Brittany, France, in 1867. Leanne was known for her modern and youthful looking clothing that gave women freedom of movement. She was specifically recognized for her robe de style, the chemise and Empire dresses, and the Breton suit. She also ventured into designing sportswear and accessories.
22. Jimmy Choo
Fashion designer Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1961. He used the craftsmanship he learned from his father, also a cobbler, to create some of the most coveted shoes in the world. Choo opened his first shop in Hackney in 1986 in an old hospital building. Within two years of opening his shop, Choos shoes were featured in an eightpage spread in Vogue magazine. Soon, Choo became the darling of the celebrity world, in particular Princess Diana, who donned Choos footwear seemingly everywhere she went. Jimmy Choo rose to fame for the quality and style of his handmade womens shoes.
23. Karl Lagerfeld
One of the most acclaimed fashion designers in the world, Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany. As a teenager, Lagerfeld worked at Balmain for four years before moving to Jean Patou where he became artistic director at 21. His prolific portfolio now encompasses Chanel and Fendi along with his own house. Known for his bold designs and constant reinvention, hes been hailed Vogue magazine as the unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment. King Karl, the oneman multinational fashion phenomenon.
24. Manolo Blahnik
Being way more than a famous shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik is the man who can singlehandedly make a woman feel instantly sexy with his ultra sophisticated, wildly fun high heel shoes. Becoming a household name through shows like Sex and the City and his never ending list of celebrity endorsements, Manolo Blahnik has become one of the most influential shoe designers of our time. Unfortunately it is known in fashion circles that when Blahnik dies there will be no more Manolos. There is no prot
25. Marc Jackobs
Being a New Yorker born on April 9, 1963, Marc Jacobs suffered a lot with the dead of his father at the age of 7. He would eventually move in with his grandmother and that made all the difference. Marc entered the Parsons School of Design and later position at Perry Ellis. Jacobs launched his own collection in 1986, started his own label and continued to impress the fashion world.
26. Mary Quant
London designer Mary Quant was not only an iconic fashion design but also the imortal creator of the miniskirt. Mary had an artschool background and had been designing and manufacturing her own clothes since second half of the twentieth century. She was convinced that fashion needed to be affordable to be accessible to the young, she opened her own retail boutique, Bazaar, on the Kings Road in 1955, introducing the mod era and the Chelsea look.
27. Miuccia Prada
One of our favorite italian fashion designers, Miuccia Prada was once a member of the Italian Communist Party and a mime student. She was an unlikely entrepreneur when she took over her familys luggage business in 1978. She first dazzled the fashion world in 1985 with a series of black nylon handbags and backpacks. Prada is now a billiondollar company. Beginning with Pradas first readytowear collection in 1989, she established a techno minimalism based on pareddown design, innovative fabrics, and computerenhanced patterns that have become influentially iconic.
28. Narciso Rodriguez
In 1995, Rodriguez became design director of TSE, where he presented the first readytowear collections for men and women. In 1996, Carolyn Bessette asked Rodriguez to create the gown she wore to marry John F. Kennedy Jr, putting the designer firmly on the fashion radar. Rodriguez was soon appointed design director of Cerruti in Paris. After that a consequence, Loewe appointed Rodriguez as design director of the womens ready to wear collection. Rodriguez held the position until 2001.
29. Oscar de la Renta
Coming from a mid class family from Dominican Republic, Oscar de La Renta moved to Madrid at the early age of 19 wishing to be a painter. In order to make extra money he started doing some work as a fashion designer. In 1965, De la Renta took over Arden, the company he was working for at the time and this open the door to start his own brand. The unique tone of red on his dresses became to be known as De la Renta red.
30. Ottavio Missoni
Ottavio Missoni started their own fashion design company with his wife Rosita. First they started with stripes, the easiest design which could be made with the ch. They use up to twenty different fabrics, including wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk and some 40 different colours for each of their collections. Their clothes range from sweaters to skirts, dresses and jackets. Ottavio Missoni has also diversified from clothes to tapestries and carpets. Ottavio died last year leaving Rosita being the head of the business.

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