eye care tips for computer users

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Wear Sunglasses

Eye care tips for Computer users

Easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of computer eye strain and other common symptoms.
Wear Sunglasses

We all know that wearing sunscreen is beneficial for our skin; yet, a lot of people forget that their eyes need protection as well. When wearing sunglasses, you do not have to look directly at the sun that might cause your eye damage. The suns ultraviolet rays could be reflected off snow, pavement, water, and even sand. These rays will boost the risk of getting agerelated macular degeneration and cataracts, and even this can cause sunburn of the cornea in a condition named photokeratitis, leading to temporary blindness. The advice is that you should make wearing sunglasses when going out a habit. Sunglasses should not only be seen as a mere accessory to promote your glamour quotient but also as critical eyegear that plays an important role in safeguarding your precious eyes. Yet, make sure that the sunglasses supply 100% protection from UV rays.

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Watering Eyes
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Breathe Regularly
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Sit far enough away from the screen
Protect The Eyes From Sharp Objects Or Chemicals
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