eye care tips for computer users

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Stop Rubbing The Eyes

Eye care tips for Computer users

Easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of computer eye strain and other common symptoms.
Stop Rubbing The Eyes

The majority of us nurture the habit of touching and rubbing eyes every second minute. Especially, for some people, this routine is developed into an irritating practice that refuses to leave. However, the hands contain all forms of dirt as well as dust. When you touch the eyes with such your filthy hands without washing with soap, then harmful germs get into your eyes. As a result, infections and allergies invade you. Thus, keep your hands clean with an appropriate medicated soap before touching your eyes.

Stop Rubbing The Eyes
Visit the eye doctor annually
Consume Less Salt
Do Not Smoke Breathe In Fresh Air
Wear goggles whenever you re working with tools or chemicals
If You Often Make Up Your Eyes Choose The Quality Products
Locate reference material properly
Reduce Your Time Spent On Network
Modify your workstation
Eye Exercises
Pay Attention To YourPosition
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