expert tips on integrating mobile and cloud strategies

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Map out users and applications for easy access to needed data

Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

Map out users and applications for easy access to needed data

The practice of being consumer centric is far easier said than done, admitted Scott Hofmann (@LiquidHub), partner, enterprise solutions, LiquidHub. To be successful, focus on the manner in which the customer wishes to engage. Put yourself in the role of the consumer, or better yet, journey map the customers experience in real time, in order to better design services that support the end goal, that being a positive and rewarding engagement. Part of that design requires understanding the level of network access you ll deliver to both in house and remote employees. Enabling a hybrid IT experience lets workers get LAN speed performance in the office and WAN speed performance on the road to the applications they need, explained Nick East (@Zynstra), CEO, Zynstra. It s important to map out which applications and which data should be centered in which location, based on its primary user community.

Focus on the user
Develop a cloud first and a mobile first strategy
Watch your speed
Ignore server data organization when defining mobile strategy
Map out users and applications for easy access to needed data
Offload computation to the cloud
Expose APIs to mobile
Speed up mobile application development
Devise a permissive not restrictive BYOD policy
Ask your employees what they want
Utilize productivity suites
Use Big Data to understand user mobile behavior
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