easy vastu tips for your home

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Easy Vastu tips for your home

1. Easy Vastu tips for your home
Cleanliness is a way to positivity, try to do way with the clutter as much as you can. Dispose things that you havent used for a year, you will never use them again. Make sure your home is well dusted and everything neatly kept. Clutter adds confusion and can result in arguments in the family. A clean house reflects a lot of positive energy.
2. Make sure your house doesnt have a lot of sharp edges
Carefully look at the corners walls of the flat, make sure there arent many open edges. Draw an aerial view of the flat before buying it, you will get a clear idea. Avoid home with a lot of sharp edges as they attract negative energies. Similarly, even after buying the house, take care that racks, shelves and furtniture have rounded edges.
3. Let your bedroom enhance your relationship
Use soothing colours in your bedroom, for walls as well as soft furnishings. Keep a couple of happy pictures of you and your spouse around, they help in strengthening therelationshipbetween the couple. Make sure your bed doesnt face a mirror or anything made of glass, this brings bad dreams and effects the balance.
4. having a nameplate outside ones door
There is a science behind the idea of having a nameplate outside ones door. Vastu experts advise people to place a nameplate outside their home. This indicates ownership of the house and it works in the favour of the owners as it helps trace positivity and good opportunities back to you.
5. Light lamps
Light lamps, diyas and incense at home each evening and morning. This acts as a cleanser, shooing away the negativity or any evil eye.North West or South West zones are the right places for overhead tank. Since it is of having weight at a height, South West is the best. Precaution should be taken to ensure that the overhead tank does not touch the main building.
6. Build your kitchen in the south east corner
Build your kitchen in the south east corner of the house. If not possible then, the north west corner is the second best option. However, make sure your gas stove is placed in the south east direction.
7. place a lemon in a glass of water
To shoo away negative energy, place a lemon in a glass of water. This water needs to be changed every Saturday. This must be done religiously each week.Vastu is the Indian Feng Shui as we all know. It tells about how the houses should be made. There is a scientific reason behind each claim that vastu Shastra makes. Many have used these and have benefited from it too. So learn about some free vastu tips for home today.
8. keeping medicines away from the kitchen
Proof your kitchen against all evils. You can do so by keeping medicines away from the kitchen. This is because a kitchen indicates health and happiness, and medicines indicate otherwise.
9. Clear your mind
To do so, meditate for at least 15 20 minutes in a day. Chanting mantras also helps calm the mind. A clear mind can help do wonders. Plus, they are known to infuse positivity and good energy in the surroundings.
10. There should not be any mirrors in the bedroom
There should not be any mirrors in the bedroom. If you already have a dressing table or a wardrobe mirror, you need to cover it with a curtain while sleeping. Also, make sure the mirror is kept away from the bed. According to Vastu, it leads to ill health and family discords.

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