easy tricks to do professional makeup

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Easy Tricks To Do Professional Makeup

1. Right Tools
Yes ladies, if you really want to apply your makeup like a pro, remember tools like sponges and brushes are as important as your beauty products. A good brush is one that has dense, soft and fluffy hair; the one which helps you blend your makeup evenly and the one which gives you a flawless finish without wasting a lot of your product.

So whether you are a professional makeup artist or an amateur, remember investing in a quality foundation brush can make even the most inexpensive products look like a dream.Remember to wash your brush properly after you ve used it. You can use an alcohol based Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser to clean the brushes and towel dry them around the bristles.
2. Ace The Base
As tedious as it can be, but getting our makeup base right is something we religiously follow.
3. Cleanse Your Skin
Start the routine with cleansing of the face. We prefer Anew Rejuvenate Revitalising 2 in 1 Gel Cleanser. Once cleansed, apply a nourishing moisturizer made exclusively for your skin type. A creamy moisturizer sometimes can cause makeup to thin out. So wait for a minute until it is absorbed!
4. Prime Face
Then apply what we call a beauty boosting primer, Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer under your foundation to maintain your makeup s true shade throughout the day.
5. Conceal It
Next, pick a concealer for your coverage. That means if you have any blemishes or under eye puffiness or want to brighten your look then apply a concealer. Our favorite multitasker is Tarte Maracuja Creaseless.
6. Foundation
If you are like us not blessed with even, blemish free skin you would understand that finding a right foundation and applying it perfectly is as hard as finding a job! To crack the code, dab a foundation that matches your skin on to the top of your cheekbones, temples, and lightly on the nose for an easy, sun kissed look. We recommend Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation. Once done, buff some NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder so that your foundation doesn t turn darker as the day wears on.
7. Blush ing Hearts
Choosing and applying blush is a kind of art which if not done right, could make you look like a tomato. So to achieve a rosy cheek look, apply Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze in Pink Feveron the apples of your cheeks and blend out towards the temples.
8. Make Them Pop
For most of us eye makeup has been a hit or a miss. And if you want to get the basics right, begin it by applying a subtle, neutral base colour from the lash line to the brow. When applying an eye shadow, remember to build colour up slowly. So after the neutral shade, put a stronger second colour on the sockets and the third (if required) along the crease, from one corner to the other.

Next, apply good black or colored pencil eyeliner, we swear by L Oral Paris Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner from the inner corner to the centre of the lid, and from the outside corner to the middle.Lastly, to give you the appearance of long, thick gorgeous eyelashes, swipe a super dramatic coat of mascara.
9. Lips Don t Lie
For a luscious pout with staying power, begin with lining your lips with a good quality lip liner, like The Body Shop Lip Liner, and work it from the corners of the lips to the middle. Then use a thin lip brush to apply lipstick over the entire lip and blot it with a tissue paper.
10. Eyeshadow Makeup Tips That Make Sense
The best part of Almays Bright Eyes eyeshadow collection of products if for brightening the eye area. This version has two eyeshadows in one package, one a softer shade than the other, and each with a cream to powder finish.Combining these or using them separately is supposed to create the intensity or brightening you need, but those traits can be attributed to most eyeshadow formulas, depending on the colors you choose. The cream to barely powder finish helps create a sheer application but they remain creamy even after blending and are prone to creasing and fading.If you like pressed powder eyeshadows, you may want to try Smooth Minerals eyeshadow from Avon. The main minerals in Avons formula are the same as those used in most eyeshadows, even though theyre not marketed or labeled as mineral makeup.On a positive note, compared to other loose mineral powders, Avon took care to choose packaging that minimizes the mess, so if youre extra careful, this works well as a silky smooth powder eyeshadow with a finish that is either a sparkling shine (Bronzestone, Pixie Dust, Russet, and Pink Sapphire) or a soft shimmer (all the other shades). The shine stays in place reasonably well, though some flaking is inevitable.

The gray blue Breeze shade is the only one to consider avoiding, unless you intend to apply it sheer. Eyeshadow Perfect Pro by DHC features three shades for shaping and shading the eyes, along with a thin strip of powder eyeliner. Shine is the name of the game here, but for those who prefer shiny eyeshadows these have a sumptuous, almost creamy texture that is a pleasure to apply and blend. Color payoff (including for the dark eyelining shade) is sheer, but the formula builds well and the shine tends to stay in place. Each of the sets is well coordinated, though whats available is limited to say the least.Revlon makes a great eyeshadow where the texture is smooth, the colors are soft and well coordinated, and it blends well to a low glow cream finish. Whats not to like? You can blend Revlon shades together to get a gradation of color and be able to shape and shade the eye (which is the purpose of eyeshadow). However, in some cases, even if your blending is precise, the formula tends to cause the colors to migrate into one.If powder eyeshadows with obvious shine and sheer color payoff are what youre after, Revlons option is worth exploring. This eyeshadow has a beautifully silky texture that isnt the least bit "dusty" and it applies evenly. You can build more intensity, but keep in mind that doing so ups the shine ante, because with each layer you get more shine than pigment.

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