dwellings perched incredibly precariously

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Dwellings Perched Incredibly Precariously

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1. Holman House Australia
Inspired by Picasso s The Bather, this cliff top house by Durbach Block Jaggers dangles over the sea for spectacular views.
2. Meteora Monasteries Greece
In Greek, meteora means suspended in air. There could be no better name for this mind blowing monastic settlement.
3. The HemLoft Canada
Looking almost like a drop of dew, this secret treehouse hangs (somewhat illegally) on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks in Whistler, Canada. If you ever have to be a squatter, this is the way to do it.
4. Castellfollit de la Roca Catalonia
Situated on a narrow basalt rock face in Catalonia, tucked between the Fluvi
5. Cliff House Calpe Spain
Designed by architect Fran Silvestre, this white lime stucco covered private residence overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and was built using reinforced concrete slabs pinned to rock.
6. The Hanging Houses Spain
Cuenca s Hanging Houses (Casas Colgadas) were built on a cliff overlooking the Hu
7. Sky High Treehouse France
Balanced delicately among the brances of a 130 foot Austrian pine, you ll get your cardio in while walking up all the stairs to this spectacular tree house. But the views of nearby Lake Geneva will be worth it.
8. River House Serbia
This small cabin, built on a rocky island in the middle of the Drina River, was constructed by a group of boys in 1968 as a clubhouse. It clearly puts my childhood forts to shame.
9. Fallingwater Pennsylvania
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater is built into a mountainside and perched over a series of picturesque waterfalls. Wright did such a good job of meshing the home with the surrounding landscape, some of the boulders upon which it is built actually protrude into the interior.
10. Monte Rosa Hut Swiss Alps
This spaceship looking building is actually a way station for mountaineers that s perched atop the Gorner Glacier in the Pennine Alps.

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