different ways to drap saree

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Nivi Style

Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
Nivi Style

The Nivi style of Saree draping is possibly the most popular of them all and in practice for long.Nivi style of Saree draping finds its origin in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.For the locals, it is a traditional form of draping a Saree.However, with its versatility to suit any occasion, this style has become universal and represents the cultural heritage of India.

Bengali style
Nivi Style
Lehenga Saree
Northern drape
The retro style
Coorgy twist
Rajrani saree draping style
Flower seller style
Mermaid saree draping style
Indo Western Style
Wendell Rodricks Sari Gown
Tie on wrist
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