different ways to drap saree

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Butterfly saree draping style

Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
Butterfly saree draping style

Also known as the Bollywood style of wearing a saree, the Butterfly style is a slight twist to the regular Nivi style of wearing saree.The only difference here is that the pallu is made very thin, such that the midriff or navel is visible.Usually materials, like chiffon, net, etc., are worn with a heavy embellished blouse in this manner.

Tamilian version
Lehenga Saree
Tie on wrist
Front Pallu
Half saree style
Bengali style
Indo Western Style
Northern drape
Mumtaz Style Saree
Mermaid saree draping style
Party Saree Drapes
Nivi Style
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