different ways to drap saree

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Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
21. Northern drape
In the north of India, the saree is worn the traditional way, with the end of the pallu covering the bosom.In the front, they have skirt pleats and the pallu is draped around the shoulders and over the chest, to demurely cover the bust.It a good drape to wear when you want to look more demure, perhaps in front of elders.
22. Wendell Rodricks Sari Gown
The way this sari looks, we did hardly call it a sari.It more like a swimsuit with pleats in the front.But you can not ignore the carnality that this outfit exudes.Slit all the way to the mid thigh on both sides, the blouse is swimsuit style, cut on either side of the waist, with a pallu attached to the shoulder.
23. Skirt style
So below is how I do the skirt style.We have two different versions in this.They are not that much different but we think the 2nd one makes a fuller skirt.In the first version we put two pleats, one over each hip, in the beginning.This helps if you have a really full slip.You can skip it if you just have a normal sari slip.In both versions I also go around more than once and my pleats are not as even as the pleats in the image.We find that it is not such a big deal though because it still looks great IMHOP.We are not a perfectionist, though sometimes it might be good if we were.However if you prefer only going around once with all the pleats then make them really close together.You can also use up a lot of fabric by making them really big and kind of stacking them as you go.
24. Party Saree Drapes
Have a saree to wear at parties, either for a wedding party or for a birthday occasion or maybe a gat together and festive parties which require a traditional look being innovative and sensational, with a simple and light comfortable look, well here we guide you to some few on trend party drapes.Take up a new look to the parties in a hot entry draped up in a simple yet pretty drape.
25. Flower seller style
This is one of favorite styles.You will need a good long sari at least a full 6 yards for this to work if you have height, 5feet 9 inches yards would be even better.

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