different ways to drap saree

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Different ways to Drap Saree

The saree has evolved over the years and so has the Indian woman different ways to wear a saree.
11. Tamilian version
Like the Maharashtra version, the sare in this version, too, measures eight meters.After wrapping around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg.The rest of the sari is taken over the left shoulder, wrapped once again round the waist and tucked on the left side.
12. Bengali style
The saree is worn pleatless it is wrapped around the waist, brought back to the right side and the pallu is thrown over the left shoulder.The pallu is then brought up under the right arm and once again cast over the left shoulder.
13. Mermaid saree draping style
Though it is suitable for almost all body types, curvaceous ones tend to get an advantage here.The lower portion of the saree is draped to look more like a skirt and gives a slimming look to the wearer.This style is particularly good if the pallu is heavy or the border is embellished.
14. Mumtaz Style Saree
Mumtaz style Saree draping has been a rage, ever since the song Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche. went onto become a hit.This style defines elegance that displays beauty of a bygone era.Looking at the glamor act of yesteryear actress Mumtaz in the evergreen song, must have made you think about how to wear Mumtaz style Saree.
15. Butterfly saree draping style
Also known as the Bollywood style of wearing a saree, the Butterfly style is a slight twist to the regular Nivi style of wearing saree.The only difference here is that the pallu is made very thin, such that the midriff or navel is visible.Usually materials, like chiffon, net, etc., are worn with a heavy embellished blouse in this manner.
16. Rajrani saree draping style
Take out your silks and rich net sarees for the festive occasions and dress up like royalty with this draping style.Rajrani is a variation of the Gujarati saree draping style.The only difference in this style is that unlike others, the pleats are all facing towards the right.The pallu is also draped in the form of a slight V in the front.
17. Indo Western Style
The spotlight moves onto the contemporary style of Saree draping in this video.Popularly known as the Indo Western style of wearing a Saree, this drape is an innovative adaptation of the traditional one.Usually worn in printed or color block Sarees by ladies who like to make a fashion statement, this form is fast becoming a global trend.
18. Nivi Style
The Nivi style of Saree draping is possibly the most popular of them all and in practice for long.Nivi style of Saree draping finds its origin in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.For the locals, it is a traditional form of draping a Saree.However, with its versatility to suit any occasion, this style has become universal and represents the cultural heritage of India.
19. The retro style
That the way in which award winning costume designer Bhanu Athaiya draped Mumtaz in the iconic orange sari for the movie Brahmachari.It the opposite of a basic sari, where first you drape the sari and then form the stomach pleats.For the retro style, you tuck in the stomach pleats first and then drape the sari on top of them, keeping the pallu extremely narrow.That a big trend these days, says expert draper Kalpana Shah.
20. Kodagu style
Worn mainly by women from Kodagu district of Karnataka, this style is distinguished by the pleats being in the back.The pallu is flung on to the right shoulder and held in place by a pin.

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