dating tips for men

Dating Tips For Men

First Date Tips Just For Men. Dating Tips, Dating Tips For Men.
1. Strike Up the Conversation
Dont just sit there, man Although listening is nice, be sure to keep the conversation balanced by engaging your date as well.
2. Pay Attention
If youre on a date and your eye keeps wandering, shell get the impression that you dont care. If you have a habit like fidgeting or looking elsewhere, be conscious of it.
3. Be Funny
Everyone loves a man with a sense of humor, so dont be afraid to crack some jokes. Keep them tasteful and appropriate, however.
4. Be Sincere
Women can tell when a man isnt being honest or genuine. Dont lie to impress or to meet an obligation.
5. Keep Your Promises
If you say youre going to call later in the week, you better call later in the week. If you say youd love to meet up again, dont disappear like a ghost.
6. Make Decisions
Men get major flack for often being indifferent. If your date gives you a choice between two things, choose one.
7. Be Confident
Nothing is sexier than a man who is sure of himself, as long as he isnt cocky about it. Style and ease go a long way.
8. Compliment Appropriately
Sure, youre date looks great really, really great. Do you want to say something? Of course, but keep it light and non creepy.
9. Be a Gentleman
Chivalry isnt dead. Open doors, pull out their chair, get their a jacket if they need it.
10. Dont Forget Your Manners
Dont forget what your mother told you. Belching, snickering, and picking your nose are all red flags.

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