cut throat pool game

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How to Play Cut Throat

Cut Throat Pool Game

How to Play Cut Throat

Cutthroat, also known asThree Man Elimination is a popular type of game played in billiards, or pool, which consists of three to five people. The object of the game is to legally pocket all of your opponents group of pool balls before the opponents legally pocket your group of pool balls. There are three sets of five pool balls (five sets of three for five players) in which the player will obtain a set of pool balls when he or she first pockets a ball legally. Pool balls are divided up in the following groups: 15, 610 and 1115. Rules in cutthroat are derived from the fundamental pocket billiards style of play (banking,snooker tactics, etc.), while having its own set of rules and exceptions to follow (a players scratch allows one of the opponents ball to be place on the table).

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How to Play Cut Throat
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