cut throat pool game

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Cut Throat Pool Game

11. Set up the game
The 1 ball is placed on the foot spot (the top of the triangle), the 6 and 11 balls are placed in the left and right bottom two corners of the triangle, respectively. The rest of the pool balls are placed in the triangle at random. Align the top (ball 1) of the triangle to the second marker on the pool table (the white dots on the wood) and align it to the center of the pool table. Ensure the pool balls are tightly packed together and remove the rack from the pool balls. Decide whether players will call shots or not.
12. Break
Decide which player will take the first shot at the racked balls. If the starting player fails to make a legal break, the incoming player can accept the tables position and shoot or open the break themselves by requiring a rerack of the balls. An illegal break includes:

  • Failing to break the rack of balls correctly.

  • Shooting the cue ball off of the table.
  • 13. Start the game
    After a successful break, the player shooting claims a set of pool balls, given that he or she has made a legal pocket. The first player and following players may continue shooting at opponents pool balls one at a time until the player has made an illegal shot or failed to make a pocket. Any balls pocketed on a legal break remain pocketed.
    14. Cutthroat
    The pool game Cutthroat, also known as Three Man and Elimination, is played by three players. The pool balls get grouped into three sets: one through five, six through 10 and 11 through 15. The first player to sink a shot that he has called that is, told the other players which ball he wanted to play gets to choose which set of balls to use while he plays. You win Cutthroat by making sure all the other opponents balls are sunk. The goal for this game is to keep as many of your balls on the table as you can.
    15. Rotation
    The pool game Rotation, or Rainbow, is a game where players gain points. The player who scores the highest amount of points at the end of the game wins. If your total points reach 61 points, you automatically win. To start a game of Rotation, the cue ball, the white one, must first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. After the lowest ball is touched, sink your called shot. If you dont touch the lowest number first, or at all, the next player can place the cue ball wherever she wishes. This process is called ball in hand. She must then touch the lowestnumbered ball and continue the game. The number of points you gained is determined by which ball you sink. For example, if you hit the colored ball with the number five on it, you score 5 points.
    16. Kelly Pool
    Kelly pool, also named Pill or Peas, is played with anywhere from two to 15 players. Additional equipment called peas get used in combination with the regular pool accessories. Players can purchase peas at stores that sell billiards equipment. The pea pieces represent the 15 pool balls. Players start Kelly by drawing three peas. The peas you choose remain a secret from anyone else who is playing. Starting a game requires you to hit the cue ball with the goal of putting it in contact with either the lowest numbered ball or the highest on the table. After the high or low number gets hit, you sink the ball that matches the number on your pea. You win after you have sunk a ball that matches the number on your pea; or, you pocket the ball of the last remaining player.
    17. Tips
  • Be patient when it is not your turn and do not disrupt other players while they are shooting.

  • Chalk your cue tips after a few shots to increase friction for the ball.

  • Pool table felt is rather delicate, be careful around the surface of the table.

  • Ensure the pool table is properly leveled.

  • Use a bridge cue for the hard to reach positions, do not be afraid to take your time, but be considerate.
  • 1. Players must decide prior to the game whether they are playing call shot or not.

  • 2. A legal shot requires that the cue balls first contact be with an opponentsobject ball. On all shots, player must cause the cue ball to contact an object ball and then either
    (a) pocket a numbered ball, or
    (b) cause any numbered ball or the cue ball to contact a cushion. Failure to meet these requirements is a foul. Any legally pocketed ball entitles shooter to continue at the table until failing to pocket an object ball on a shot.

  • 3. If player pockets any opponentsballs on an illegal shot, they are spotted; but if he pockets his own group balls on an illegal shot, they remain pocketed. If player pockets the last ball of his own group, whether or not a legal shot, it remains pocketed and his inning ends.

  • 4. When a players last group ball is legally pocketed, he is eliminated from the shooting rotation. He remains eliminated for the duration of the game unless a foul is committed by a player still in the game; when a player is reinstated due to a foul, he resumes his normal position in the original order of play.

  • 5. When a player has the cue ball in hand behind the head string (as after a scratch) and all balls of all opponentsgroups are behind the head string, the object ball nearest the head string may, at the shooters request, be spotted on the foot spot. If two or more balls are an equal distance from the head string, the player may designate which of the equidistant balls he desires to be spotted.

  • 6. When successive games are played, the order of play for the next game is the same as the order of final elimination in the preceding game (First player eliminated breaks; winner shoots last; others in order of elimination.)

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