creative cleaning hacks

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Creative Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning Hacks for Your Home That Will Make Your Life Easier.
1. Get Your Mattress Drunk
We spend 1/3 of our lives laying on a mattress that can t be washed. Or can it? Pour vodka into a spray bottle, spritz lightly across your mattress and leave it to air dry. The alcohol kills odor causing bacteria while it disinfects the mattress.
2. 5 Minute Microwave Cleaner
Halve a couple lemons and put in a glass dish with water. Zap until the water starts to boil. Let it sit and steam for a minute before opening. The gunk can now be wiped away with little effort. You might want to share this one with that co worker who s always exploding spaghetti in the break room.
3. Fool Proof Ceiling Fan Cleaner
Hook an old pillowcase over one fan blade at a time and slowly wipe it backward. The blade will be clean and the dust will be trapped inside (instead of in your hair).
4. Grease Stain Fixer
Got greasy fingerprints on the walls? Cover the stains with white chalk, wait a few minutes and then wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth. Works on clothes too.
5. Quick Dry Wet Shoes and Gloves
Shoes and gloves soaked through from rain or snow? Shove some crumpled newspaper inside to soak it all up. A sachet of plain uncooked rice works too.
6. Pet Hair Squeegee
Do you live with a four legged friend who loves to shed? Sweep your carpet with a rubber squeegee (or run your hand over it while wearing a rubber dish washing glove) and prepare to be horrified by what comes up.
7. No Fuss Blender Cleaner
Love smoothies but hate cleaning the blender? Just fill it with warm water and a drop of dish soap, then turn it on and blend for a few seconds. Dump, rinse with clean water, and dry.
8. Butter Knife in the Air Vent
Cruddy air vent or A/C intake? Moisten a clean towel with your favorite cleaner and wrap around a butter knife. Now you ve got the perfect tool to clean the narrow grate.
9. Revitalize Leather Furniture
Buff worn leather furniture with shoe polish. Scrapes and scuffs will disappear.
10. Onion Grill Cleaner
Halve a white onion and use a fork to rub it back and forth over the grates of a hot grill. The onion will clean the grates and add a little extra flavor.

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