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Crazy Facts

Bringing you some of the most craziest, most freakiest and most astonishing facts on this earth.
21. Frozen Waterfall
Astonishing Architecture
This beautiful cascading frozen waterfall picture is outside the apartment of 58-year-old Wen Hsu, in Jilin City China. The water has been diverted to run outside from Hsu's window and as a result was this frozen waterfall outside this building.
22. Real Life Hobbit House
Astonishing Architecture
A Hobbit lover somewhere in Pennsylvania contracted?Archer & Buchanan?architecture design team to make him a liveable Hobbit house! The house is Hobbit inspired, complete with the iconic round doors and arched butterfly windows.
23. World s Thinnest House
Astonishing Architecture
This house called the Keret House, is the thinnest ever stretching at a whopping 4 feet wide! The house squeezes itself into a small crack between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The home has 150 square feet of living space and fits in a bathroom, kitchen, and comfy bed!
24. Plastic Clouds
Astonishing Architecture
This amazing cloud jungle gym is actually a?fancy-schmancy art installation.? The installation comes from the unique mind of?Tom?s Saraceno?and is being exhibited in?Milan's HangarBicocca. The installation is titled On Space Time Foam and hangs 72 feet above the ground and is constructed from super-strong reinforced plastic.
25. Mirror Sculptures
Astonishing Architecture
Rob Mulholland's life-sized mirrored sculptures might have you doing a double take. The image bending effects of his work leaves the viewer to scrutinize his work, which coincides with his message of inner and outer reflection. Mulholland uses Perspex, a kind of acrylic glass, to create his outdoor public installations.
26. Cardboard Origami Bike
Astonishing Architecture
Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni likes a challenge, so when three different engineers told him it was impossible to make a working bike out of cardboard, he rose to the challenge. Gafni constructed a bike by using the principles of origami, he could make a strong, weight-bearing bike capable of carrying a rider up to 485 lbs! The bike is durable and weatherproof, it is economical and eco-friendly. The materials only cost $9 and is projected to sell for $60-$90.
27. Austria s Upside Down House
Astonishing Architecture
In the small western Austrian village?of Terfens, Polish Architects, Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski have unveiled a house that is literally upside down, both inside and out ? It's now open as a tourist attraction. The actual house itself, including the foundation, appears to be fully turned on it's head ? as opposed to those who simply place items in an otherwise normal house onto the room's ceiling.
28. Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain
Astonishing Architecture
A huge towering sculpture in Duisburg, Germany, this 20-metre landmark was designed to be a focal point for the Ruhr region and stands 85 metres above sea level. The 249 steps of the 220-metre (0.14 miles) long walkway are illuminated by LED at night. Visitors can climb on the curved sculpture and walk around, taking in the surrounding views from the spiral walkways ? but not at the speed usually associated with roller coasters.
29. Solar Powered Mini Movie Theatre
Astonishing Architecture
The Sol Cinema is a micro movie house powered entirely by the Sun. Using photovoltaicpanels to generate energy for everything, the theater seats 8 and offers a full library of comedy, quirky, music videos and short films with inspiring environment themes. Sol Cinema is based in Kent in the UK.
30. Paper Horses
Astonishing Architecture
Richard Sweeny is a three-dimensionalsculpturist who creates breathtaking life-sized figures. Sweeny's latest collection, Dreams of Gold, depicts horses and chariots and is being displayed inside the Lincoln Cathedral in the UK for an Olympic-inspired flower festival. The giant horses are made of paper! Sweeny first constructs a flexible wooden skeleton, then covers it with a paper skin.

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