crazy bike designs

Crazy Bike Designs

Crazy Bike Designs
1. Benjamin Bowden Bicycle
It was designed by the late British designer, Benjamin Bowden. You didnt see that coming did you?
2. Amphibious Bike
Why on earth did this never catch on!?
3. Bike with a windshield
Not only does it have a windshield, you get to lay down!
4. The lots of people bike
Keeping your balance on this thing might be a problem
5. The bike shaped bike rack
Ok, so its not a bike, but its still pretty cool!
6. The everyone faces each other bike
Its like the other multi person bike except now everyone is in a big circle. Hopefully you dont get motion sick easily!
7. The super old bike
Its so old that its made out of wood. Were not really sure what they used for a chain though.
8. The rowing bike
Row, row, row your bike, gently down the road!
9. The strangely positioned chain bike
It also seems to have pretty good carrying capacity.
10. The square wheel bike
It might not be super useful for getting anywhere

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