cool inventions

Cool Inventions

Here is our collection of the most awesome and cool inventions we have come across .
11. Nuclear Bomb Shelter
Beverly Wysocki, at top, and Marie Graskamp, at side, emerge from a new family type bomb shelter on display in Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 12, 1958. The shelter was designed by Thomas Villa, a Milwaukee architect. It is 8 feet by 8 feet by 14 feet 8 inches high, and can hold 8 to 12 persons in an emergency. It can be buried in the earth for added protection. Covered with three feet of earth, it is said that the shelter would be safe to within three quarters of a mile of ground zero if a 20 megaton nuclear bomb were to be dropped. Filters can be installed to make the air inside safe.
12. Pain Free Spanking
For fathers who can't bear to hurt the young one when he needs a spanking, this brush with rubber bands replacing the bristles is offered by the Los Angeles Brush Corp. in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 12, 1950. The idea was suggested by a Montana father who balked at the conventional type hairbrush.
13. Hanging TV Stand
A portable television set can be raised or lowered to any height with this new stand, demonstrated by Carol Smith at the China Glass and Gift Market in Chicago, Ill., Feb. 6, 1963. The stand, designed to hold a 19 inch TV set, is brass plated and lacquered, with chains and hooks to carry the set.
14. Driving Under Hypnosis
Hypnotist Henry Blythe, gives his daughter Sally, 17, advice before she starts a driving lesson at Torquay, England, Jan 15, 1960. Blythe says he hypnotizes her as he has some 40 other new drivers, all of whom have passed their test. Sally has not yet taken her test.
15. Early Video Dating
Visitors to the Radio and Television Fair in Frankfurt, West Germany, Aug. 21, 1957, use a TV telephone to communicate with each other. Phones used for calls are linked to four TV sets and two cameras so each person can see a picture of himself and the person he is talking to.
16. Hi Fi Television
This combination hi fi and television console was exhibited at the High Fidelity Music Show in New York, on Oct. 9, 1959. The wing section, which swivels in any direction, houses a 21 inch TV set and a full range hi fi stereo speaker system. The sides of the long cabinet repeat the angles of the wing section. A drop door conceals the equipment. The console is namedFantasia and is manufactured by Arkay.
17. Family Drive
To keep the kids happy when out driving, Jack Fletcher, designer at 21st Century Home, has installed three miniature steering wheels and a plastic windshield in their car at West Covina, Calif., Jan. 4, 1955. In the car are Joan Fletcher, left front, Jack Fletcher, right front and in the backseat are Johnny, 21 mos., Janie, 3yrs. and Ricky, 21 mos.
18. Power Mower Deluxe
ThePower Mower of the Future is demonstrated in Port Washington, Wis., Oct 14, 1957. The lawnmower has a five foot diameter plastic sphere in which the rider sits on an air foam cushioned seat. It has its own electric generating system for operating running lights, a radio telephone, air conditioning and even a cooling system to provide a chilled drink on a hot day. It can be used for many purposes. It can mow the lawn, weed it, feed it, seed it, spray for insects, plow snow and haul equipment. It can even be used as a golf cart.
19. Amphibious Car
Karl Baier, at wheel, and a passenger, test out the new midget amphibious car that was developed by Baier in West Berlin, Germany. Jan. 22, 1952. Baier has simplified construction of the vehicle so that the motor, steering system, gear case, clutch, all cables and even the brakes are inside the body.
20. Motorcycle Plane
Eric Kemp, an aircraft engineer from Melbourne, Australia, tests his motorcycle, of unusual design, on a Melbourne road, Sept. 23, 1957. Kemp was inspired by his plane designing skill to create this motorcycle.

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