cool inventions

Cool Inventions

Here is our collection of the most awesome and cool inventions we have come across .
1. Brush and Shine
Mr. Ted Spence, engineer of the Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corp., demonstrates the newHairline Brush in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 12, 1950. The brush is constructed to fit a bald head's contour, with bristles for brushing the sideburn area and a felt pad to gently massage the exposed scalp on the top.
2. Smog Experiment
Betty Cook, a lab assistant at the Stanford Research Institute, is shown taking ablink test as part of a project to study smog in Stanford, Calif. April 27, 1949. The test gauges eye irritation through photoelectric cells which record each blink of the eyes. The plastic helmet is filled with measured amounts of smog. Mrs. Cook wears glassless goggles which act as blink recorders. She reads a book to give uniform reaction conditions.The smog project is being conducted by the Air and Water Pollution Laboratory and Fumes of the Western Oil and Gas Association.
3. Snail Pacer
Ten year old Martin Witter watches two snails from histeam go through their rounds during a trial race in his home in Lynwood, Calif., Oct. 1, 1954. Martin has formed, what he claims to be, the only snail stable in the country. Every afternoon the snails are awakened for their trial runs by being placed in the sun. As the sunshine begins to penetrate their shells, the mollusks come to life. On top of the racing snail's shell, Martin has glued a tiny yoke made from a matchstick. The reins, made of string, are connected to a small simulated Roman chariot constructed from a fish food tin in which the snail driver sits. Speedy, in the harness and Butch, in theChariot recently beat a neighborhood entry establishing a new track record of 3 feet in 5 minutes.
4. Vending Machine For Tanning
Model Betty Dutter demonstrates how the spray nozzle is held of the new Sun Tan Lotion dispenser at the Annual Vending Machine Convention in Chicago, Ill., Jan. 19, 1949. A 30 second spray job can be had for a dime. It is designed for use at pools, beaches and tennis courts. It is a product of the Star Manufacturing Co.
5. Horse Gas Mask
A docile horse wears a gas mask as a precaution against gas attacks, on March 27, 1940. It was developed byOur Dumb Friends League, a humane society in London, England.
6. Flying on the Ground
Albert H. Luke, center, instructor at the Sheil School, advises a student as she operates the controls of pre flight trainer called thePenguin in Chicago, Ill., July, 25, 1945. The penguin gives flight students the basicfeel of flying without leaving the ground. Luke says that a student is often able to take off in a real plane after finishing the pre flight penguin training.
7. Records While You Roll
A young woman demonstrates theAuto Minion, a new German record player which can be attached to the dashboard of a car, at the International Industrial Fair in Hannover, West Germany, May 12, 1959. The player is fully automatic and works simply by placing a 45 rpm record in the slot. It is made by the German Phillips Company.
8. Upside Down Phonograph
Even upside down, a stereophonic turntable continues to play and hold the interest of Helen Sorowitz, a visitor to the New York High Fidelity Show in New York, Sept, 9, 1960.
9. Neck Brush
Five year old Tim Gregory wears, under protest, a brush that cleans a child's neck without the use of soap and water in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 12, 1950. The plastic collar brush will dry clean the youngster's neck thoroughly as he plays. The brush was developed by the Los Angeles Brush Corp. at a mother's suggestion.
10. Pipe For Two
George Braunsdorf, left, 6 feet 4 inches and Joe Damone, 5 feet 1 inch, demonstrate a pipe called theDouble Ender in New York, June 2, 1949. According to its manufacturer, the pipe was designed as a means of conserving tobacco by a couple of pipe smokers down on their luck, or, sharing a smoke at a ball game.

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