concept cars that might change the way we drive

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Concept Cars That Might Change The Way We Drive

From car powered by air to cars designed with morphing skin, these are Concept Cars That Might Chang
21. Mercedes Benz Biome
Created by MercedesBenz in 2010, the Biome model is an electric concept car that is said to have grown in a laboratory rather than at a factory line. With a maximum speed of 187mph (300 km/h) and acceleration of just 3 sec., Biome is one of the leaders of its class.
22. Audi Quatroflex
Designed by Alexey Bykov, Audi Quatroflex is a futuristic concept car with no roof and expandable seating. If the layout is not unusual enough for you, let us tell you that this model is supposed to be controlled via a joystick, not a steering wheel.
23. Lamborghini Madura
Named after the Indonesian island of the same name, Madura is a concept car designed by Lamborghini, the Italian producer of luxurious cars. This highperformance stylish car should be available in 2016 and the price is estimated to be about 5 million dollars.
24. Renault DeZir
First officially presented at the2010 Paris Motor Show, DeZir is an electronic twoseater designed by Renault. Featuring attractive butterfly doors, this concept car is capable of running as fast as 112mph (180 km/h).
25. Cadillac World Thorium Fuel
Nicknamed Cadillac WTF, Cadillac World Thorium Fuel is a concept car designed by Lorus Kulesus. As the name suggests, this otherworldlylooking car is powered by thorium that acts like nuclear fuel.
26. Rolls Royce 200EX
While most super premium automakers are going upmarket in an effort to woo the superrich, Rolls Royce plans to rob the parts bin of its parent company BMW to build a Baby Rolls for the mass affluent. It looks like the company has successfully hidden the smaller dimensions behind the massive grille of this 200EX concept.
27. Magna Steyr Mila EV
Magna Steyr is an Austrian manufacturer and parts supplier better known for building cars for companies such as Mercedes, MINI and Audi. This didnt stop them from attempting to market their own flexible electric vehicle concept for any car makers looking to quickly and cheaply create an EV program.
28. Infiniti Essence
Lexus will soon have four hybrids in their lineup.Infinitihas none. The Essence both hints at the companys future design direction and the possibilitieshybrid technologyoffers for a sports car.
29. Rinspeed E2
Based on the popular Fiat 500 subsubcompact car, Swiss firm Rinspeed has added a novel form of green capability. This stylish little machine offers two levels of power output depending on the drivers needs with the push of a button. For slow city cruising the E2 can bet set to a slower and more efficient power setting. Conversely, the driver can select a sportier mode for quicker and less efficient highway driving.
30. Mitsubishi iMiEV
The coupe version of Mitsubishis tiny iMiEV electric car, the Japanese company extended the range of its electric car by dropping some weight with an aluminum frame. Mitsubishi also upped the fun quotient by adding a brightly lit and quasitechno interior.

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