celebration of dhanteras

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Celebration of Dhanteras

Here are some interesting facts about Dhanteras. Rangolis, diyas.
21. Dhanteras Puja
Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th day of Krishan Paksha in the Kartik month as per Hindu calendar, October November as per Gregorian calendar. Also known as Yamadeepdaan, this festival is celebrated two days before Diwali. Dhanteras marks the beginning of five day festivities of Diwali. After the Samudra Manthan between the gods and demons, Dhanvantari came out of the sea holding the pot of nectar. This is the reason Dhanteras is also called Dhanvantari Jayanti. In the word Dhanteras, Dhan stands for Wealth and Teras for Thirteenth . On this auspicious day of Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped to receive blessings from her. She is prayed so that she showers the devotees with prosperity and well being. Clay idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are bought from the market, decorated and are prayed on the day of Diwali. It is even kept in mind that the trunk of Lord Ganesha is turned towards the right just because it is considered more auspicious.

Method of Performing the Puja

  • After seeing the star in the evening, women of the house get together for the puja. In many homes, men and women together perform the puja on this auspicious day.
  • Four wicked diya is placed on the slightly higher podium.
  • Oil/ghee is put in the diya after placing the cotton wicks in it.
  • The cowry shell is placed on the diya.
  • The diya is lit to please Lord Yamraja and to pay respect to the departed ancestors of the family. The diya is thus referred to as Yamadeep.
  • Some holy water is sprinkled out from the panchapatra copper vessel, around the diya. Then puja is performed using roli, rice and coins.
  • Some holy water is sprinkled out from the panchapatra copper vessel, around the diya. Then puja is performed using roli, rice and coins.
  • Many people offer kheel and batasha also. Then dhoop (incense) is lit.
  • Women as a ritual go round the diya four times and pray.
  • The eldest women or the unmarried female of the family puts tilak and rice on the forehead of everyone who sits for puja.
  • The male member of the house covers his head with a piece of clean cloth. He then takes the lit diya and keeps it at the right side of the main entrance.
  • After the puja ceremony completes, the family members touch the feet of elderly and take blessings from them.
  • 22. Dhanteras SMS
  • May Dhanteras festival Wishing you with wealth & prosperity
    As you journey towards greater success Happy Dhanteras!

  • May this Dhanteras celebrations Endow you with opulence and prosperity
    Happiness comes at your steps Wishing many bright future in your life Happy Dhanteras!

  • Gods blessing may come as a surprise and how much you receive depends on how much your heart can
    believe. May you be blessed beyond what you expect. Happy Dhanteras to you & your family.

  • May Goddess Lakshmi bless your business, To do well in spite of all odds like,
    The enduring charms of gold and diamonds, Happy & prosperous Dhanteras!

  • On the auspicious day of Dhanteras puja, Hindus follow the tradition of purchasing precious metals, gold,
    platinum or silver, in the form of jewellery, coins or utensils, for good luck. Happy Dhanteras!

  • Dear Goddess Lakshmi Bless the recipient of this message
    With thirteen times dhan (money) On this Dhanteras Happy Dhanteras!

  • May this Dhanteras light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright & beautiful,
    and fill your days with pleasant surprises and moments. Happy Dhanteras to you and your family!
    Those of us who know us, know that India is country that has lots of significance for the Global Grazers team. Our eldest son, Andre , was born in India. The elders (Patrice and me) spent many, many years working in India, and we moved there with Rachel when she was just over a year old. So, naturally, Diwali has become one of our favorite annual celebrations.Hindus around the world began the festival of Diwali today with Dhanteras, a day which is dedicated to wealth. Many (if not most) will purchase gold, silver and household utensils today. They will decorate the entrances to their homes with colorful rangoli (colored rice flour designs), say prayers with offerings of fruits and sweets, and light lamps all around their properties, to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.
    24. Dhanteras traffic snarls choke parts of Delhi
    New Delhi, Nov 1 (IANS) Parts of the city witnessed heavy traffic jams as revellers came out in droves to shop on the occasion of Dhanteras celebrated Friday while many others visited friends and family to exchange gifts ahead of Diwali on Sunday.Traditionally, buying gold and other precious metals like silver and even steel utensils on Dhanteras is considered to be auspicious. Hence, the capitals popular markets saw the maximum rush.Serpentine queues of vehicles could be seen in and around the Lajpat Nagar Central Market, South Extension, Greater Kailash, Khan Market, Chandi Chowk, Karol Bagh, Connaught Place, Rajouri Garden and Pitampura markets.As a result, the traffic spilled on to major intersections, further adding to the stress and tensions of motorists. Places like Bhogal, Ashram, Tughlakabad, Okhla and parts of the Ring Road near the All India Institute of Medical Sciences were the most affected, said the Delhi Traffic Police.
    25. Bring home a Ganesha
    The collection features traditional, contemporary, tribal and modern art forms with sizes ranging from two inch miniatures to those almost four feet in height. You get to see carved Lord Ganesha idols in almost every pose Standing, leaning, sleeping, dancing, and showing his prowess with his hands, in colours like brown, red, silver and gold. The material used is varied as metal, stone, wood, ceramic, fibre, resin, silver enamel, sand and more. The range of Ganesha idols starts from Rs 125 onwards.
    26. Gift a Gold Coin
    If you are looking for gold coins purely for investment purposes this Dhanteras you can get it. The jeweler has introduced a wide range of gold coins in various denominations like 0.5 grams, 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams and 10 grams.You can also buy these coins in bulk for corporate gifts on special order. Gold coins are 99.5% BIS Hallmarked and certified.
    27. Diya set and Puja Thali
    You can get its Diwali collection of Diya sets and Puja thalis. We all love the dazzle of diyas. Diya set is a pretty ensemble of five double walled diya inside a thali with an upturned rim. The diyas when lit are still cool to hold from the outside. The warm golden flame in the silvery steel diyas is a sight to behold. Easily washable for reuse the diya set is an ideal companion for all prayers. Pooja set from Magppie contains a round steel tray with a beautiful rim, a diya, a bell and an incense holder along with a dhoop holder. The diya is double walled so that it does not become hot to hold. It has the sheen of silver with the durability of steel. Gives a neat look and can be easily cleaned for reuse. Contains Set of 5 pcs, 1 Thali, 1 Bell, 1 Diya, 1 Incense Holder, 1 Dhoop Holder. The range starts from Rs 500 onwards.

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